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Sony CLIE PEG-TJ35 Handheld

Sony CLIE PEG-TJ35 Handheld

 Download Clie PEG-TJ25 / PEG-TJ35 Manual Download Clie PEG-TJ25 / PEG-TJ35 Manual


Personal Entertainment Organizer

* High-resolution TFT color display(320 x 320 pixels)
* Built-in MP3 audio player
* Super-slim aluminum body
* 32MB internal memory(23MB available)
* View native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
* Memory Stick PRO media expansion slot
* Center Jog Dial navigator with 4-way directional movement
* Built-in speakers
* Lithium-Ion polymer rechargeable battery(internal)


What's in the box

* Clie Handheld
* USB HotSync Cable
* AC adapter
* Retractable Stylus
* Hand strap
* Protective cover
* Installation CD-ROM
* Troubleshooting Q and A
* Handbook
* Clie Application Manual
* Read This First
* Registration notice
* Graffiti 2 card
* End user license Agreement
* Limited Warranty Statement

Optional Accessories

* AC adapter: PEGA-AC10
* Battery adapter: PEGA-BC10
* Car battery adapter: PEGA-DC10
* Carrying bag: PEGA-CA61
* Carrying case: PEGA-CA100
* Carrying case: PEGA-CA23
* Carrying case: PEGA-CA33
* Carrying case: PEGA-CA80
* Compact Keyboard: PEGA-KB100
* Privacy Filter: PEGA-PF60
* Screen protector: PEGA-SP60
* Stylus: PEGA-ST50
* USB cradle: PEGA-UC55
* USB HotSync Cradle: PEGA-HS10

 Download Clie PEG-TJ25 / PEG-TJ35 Manual Download Clie PEG-TJ25 / PEG-TJ35 Manual

PEG-TJ25 | PEG-TJ27 | PEG-TJ35 | PEG-TJ37

CLIE PEG-TJ35 Product Features

* Listen to tunes on the road with the integrated MP3 audio player and optional Memory Stick PRO media
* View native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and PDF documents
* Write letters naturally with Decuma handwriting recognition software
* High resolution color display produces over 65,000 colors for amazing clarity
* Stay organized and entertained--at home or on the road

CLIE PEG-TJ35 Technical Features

* Model: PEG-TJ35
* OS: Palm OS 5
* CPU: i.MXL Application Processor
* Memory: 32MB RAM(23MB available), 16MB ROM
* Interface: USB, Infrared(IrDA 1.2), Memory Stick media slot, Stereo mini jack, Monaural speaker
* LCD: TFT color display with backlights 320 x 320 pixels, 65,536 colors
* Dimensions: 4 3/8 (H) x 3(W) x 15/32 (D)
* Weight: 4.9 ounces (including stylus)
* AC Power Adapter(supplied): Output DC 5.2V, input AC100V-240V
* Battery: Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery(internal), Battery Life: Aproximately 10 dayson one charge
* Computer System Requirements: OS: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 PRO, XP Home ED, XP Pro; CPU: Intel Pentium II 400 MHz or faster; RAM: 96MB RAM minimum(256MB RAM recommended with Windows XP); Available Hard Drive Space: 200MB available hard drive space; Peripherals: Display with 800 x 600 resolution or higher, High color or better, CD-ROM drive(for installation only), Mouse or similar pointing device, USB Port
* Bundled Software: Palm Organizer Applications: Address Book, Calculator, Card Info, Date Book, Graffiti 2, HotSync, Memo Pad, Palm Desktop v. 4.1(for PC), Security, To Do List; Sony Software: AeroPlayer for Clie(MP3 Player), Clie Files, Clie Launcher, Clie Memo, Clie Viewer, Data Export v. 1.0(for PC), Data IMport, Image Converter v. 1.1(for PC), Memory Stick Backup, World Alarm Clock
* Handheld Applications: AcidSolitaire(Trial version software), Agendus(Trial version software), BalanceLog(Trial version software), Bejeweled(Trial version software), Contacts Pro(Trial version software), Decuma Input, GTS Racing Challenge(Trial version software), Insaniquarium!(Trial version software), Kickoo's Breakout, Palm Reader and 2 sample E-books, Picsel Viewer for Clie(Trial version software), powerOne Finance(Trial version software), powerOne Personal, Presenter-to-Go(Trial version software), StreetFinder Express(Trial version software), TakTik(Trial version software), Vindigo(Trial version software), WorldMate(Trial version software)
* PC Desktop Software: Acrobat Reader v. 5.1, Intellisync Lite v. 4.0, Quicktime v. 5.0.2
* What's in the box: Clie Handheld, USB HotSync Cable, AC adapter, Retractable Stylus, Hand strap, Protective cover, Installation CD-ROM, Troubleshooting Q and A, Handbook, Clie Application Manual, Read This First, Registration notice, Graffiti 2 card, End user license Agreement, Limited Warranty Statement
* Optional Accessories: AC adapter: PEGA-AC10, Battery adapter: PEGA-BC10, Car battery adapter: PEGA-DC10, Carrying bag: PEGA-CA61, Carrying case: PEGA-CA100, Carrying case: PEGA-CA23, Carrying case: PEGA-CA33, Carrying case: PEGA-CA80, Compact Keyboard: PEGA-KB100, Privacy Filter: PEGA-PF60, Screen protector: PEGA-SP60, Stylus: PEGA-ST50, USB cradle: PEGA-UC55, USB HotSync Cradle: PEGA-HS10

Installation CD not available yet - Try another model or download drivers here

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