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Sony CLIE PEG-SJ30 Handheld


SONY CLIE PEG-SJ30 Key Features

Memory (standard): 16 MB RAM (15 MB available), 4 MB ROM
* Memory (maximum): 144 MB (using optional 128 MB Memory Stick)
* CompactFlash: No
* Other expansion: Memory Stick
* Display type: Reflective TFT, color
* Colors: 65,536 (16-bit)
* Display size: 2.9 inches
* Resolution: 320 x 320
* Backlight: Yes
* Processor: Motorola DragonBall 33 MHz
* Operating system: Palm OS 4.1
* PC compatible: Yes
* Mac compatible: No
* PC system requirements: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 Professional, XP Home, XP Professional, Pentium 133 MHz or faster (Pentium III 450 MHz recommended for Windows XP), 64 MB RAM (128 MB or more recommended for Windows XP), 800 x 600 display, 128 MB hard-disk space, CD-ROM drive, USB port, mouse or similar pointing device
* Handwriting recognition: Yes
* Keyboard: No
* User controls: Jog dial, stylus
* Memo pad: Yes
* Address book: Yes
* Scheduler: Yes
* Email: No
* Web browser: No
* Security: Yes
* Stereo: No
* Built-in speaker: No
* Headset jack: No
* Voice recorder: No
* MP3 playback: No
* WMA playback: No
* Audible content playback: No
* AC adapter included: Yes
* Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable (internal)
* Batteries included: Yes
* Serial: No
* USB: Yes
* Infrared: Yes
* Wireless: Yes
* Docking cradle: Slim, foldable (included)
* PC cable: Yes (USB)
* Other hardware: Protective cover, 1 USB cable
* Software: Palm software: Address Book, Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Calculator, Security, Palm Desktop v.4.1 (for PC); Sony software: Clie Paint, Clie Photo Stand, Memory Stick Autorun, Memory Stick Backup, Memory Stick Export v.1.2 (for PC), Memory Stick Gate, Memory Stick Import, PictureGear 4.6 Lite (for PC), PictureGear Pocket, World Alarm Clock; handheld applications: BumpAttack Pinball (Iambic), MobiPocket Reader (Franklin Electronic Publishers), powerOne Personal (Infinity Softworks), StreetFinder Express (Rand McNally), Documents To Go Standard Edition (DataViz, Inc.), gMovie (General Media); trial versions: AcidSolitaire (Red Mercury), Amy Reiley's Pocket Vineyard (neohand), Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet (neohand), BalanceLog (HealthTech, Inc.), Bejeweled (Astraware), Contacts Pro (MobiMate), Race Fever, SimpliWrite (Advanced Recognition Technologies), Vindigo (Vindigo), Presenter-to-Go (Margi), WorldMate (MobiMate), Zap!2016 (Astraware); PC desktop software: Acrobat Reader v.5.1 (Adobe Systems, Inc.), Intellisync Lite v.4.0 (Pumatech, Inc.), and QuickTime v.5.0.2 (Apple Computer, Inc.)
* Width: 2.9 inches
* Height: 4.1 inches
* Depth: .7 inches
* Weight: .31 pounds

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Installation CD Available

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