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Palm Tungsten Handheld Organiser

The Tungsten series, first introduced in Fall of 2002 with the Tungsten T, was part of Palm, Inc.'s move away from arcane model numbers, Palm OS 4, and ageing Motorola processors. While the Zire was the same old PDA in a white plastic case, the Tungsten T was a wonder, bringing the Palm line up to date to compete with increasingly popular and powerful Sony Clie and Windows Mobile competitors. Since then, the Tungsten line has been palmOne's "prosumer" line, catering to business users and hobbyists willing to pay the price for higher performance.

All of the Tungsten PDAs have a few attributes in common. Tungstens all have high-quality color screens, metal-toned or metal cases, and often have high-end features like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Since many businesses have prohibitions on the use of digital cameras, Tungsten handhelds never had a built-in camera since the Tungsten T's debut. Tungsten handhelds cost between US$199 and $399, and, despite being marketed as business-class devices, are also widely sold through consumer outlets. All Tungstens with the exception of the Tungsten W run under Palm OS 5 "Garnet" on an ARM-compliant processor. They all have high-resolution (at least 320 x 320 pixels), 65,536 color LCD screens, metal or metal-toned enclosures, an SDIO slot for memory cards or accessories and non-user-replaceable lithium-ion batteries. They all use a five-way navigator pad, in the shape of a rounded rectangle or circle, and have four buttons for built-in applications. Palm Universal Connector was used by the Tungsten T, Tungsten T2, Tungsten T3, Tungsten C, Tungsten W, for docks and accessories. The Tungsten E used a mini-USB connection. The Tungsten T5 and Tungsten E2 used an Athena Connector. All Tungsten handhelds include Dataviz's Documents To Go office suite and some version of Kinoma Player with the exception of the Tungsten W.

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