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The release of the Palm m515 handheld proves that Palm listens to customers and is willing to make changes. Thanks to the indifferent customer response to the lackluster color screen of the Palm m505 (released in 2001), the Palm m515 boasts a much brighter display and contrast controls that were missing in its predecessor.

We were among the many who voiced disappointment with the Palm m505, and while the m515's color screen still isn't at the top of the class, it's an obvious and welcome improvement. With display support for over 65,000 colors, icons and images (viewed in the included PhotoSuite application) have a nice richness and depth of color. However, as the screen resolution is only 160 by 160 pixels, the m515 doesn't achieve the crispness found in the Sony T615 (which has a 320 by 320 pixel resolution). But ultimately, unless you need a high-end multimedia viewer integrated into your handheld, you should be suitably happy with the m515's display.

There are only three levels of brightness contrast control--high, low, and off. At first we were taken aback by the "off" setting, as it rendered the screen almost invisible in our office, but it's fine for outdoor usage and will help conserve battery power.

With its curved angles, thin design, and light weight, the Palm m515 feels very comfortable, both in the palm of your hand and resting in your pocket. Also, with the m515's 33 MHz DragonBall VZ processor, we found switching applications to be very fast.

The applications and desktop software (version 4.01 for Windows and version 2.6.3 for Mac) haven't changed, and that's just fine with us. (Note that a beta version of Palm Desktop 4 for Mac OS X is available for download.) The Palm interface is one of the most elegant and simple to understand--yet powerful--operating systems around.

But Palm adds more power with a variety of add-on applications that you can choose to install, ranging from Documents To Go for viewing and editing Word and Excel documents, to Palm's collection of mobile connectivity apps, to the aforementioned PhotoSuite for viewing images and short movies. Our favorite is AvantGo, an app that downloads Web content to the m515 whenever you synchronize, which enables us to keep up with the latest world news as well as Aussie Rules Football scores. You can add even more content and applications via the expansion slot, using optional Secure Digital or MultiMediaCard memory cards.

You can choose to synchronize the Palm m515 with the Palm Desktop application or link to Microsoft Outlook (Windows only). Palm Desktop is more than adequate, but if you are in a corporate environment and Outlook is your scheduling/e-mailing/tasking brain center (which it is for us), the synchronization is seamless.

Overall, we're very happy with the Palm m515--it's quick on its feet, has a nice color display, and is loaded with great software additions that can enhance both your productivity and your fun.


  • Improved color screen--brighter, with contrast controls
  • Good range of additional software, from Internet connectivity to e-book reader
  • Expansion slot enables you to add even more content and applications to customize the m515 to your needs
  • Easy synchronization with Palm Desktop or Microsoft Outlook
  • Continued use of high brightness level can wear on batteries
  • Palm Desktop for Mac still behind the times, but new software on the way

 Download Palm M500 Series Manual Download Palm M500 Series Manual

Palm M515 Product Features

* Built-in 8 MB memory stores thousands of contacts, appointments, to-do items, and notes
* Displays over 65,000 colors--view photos, video clips, and more
* SecureDigital/MultiMediaCard expansion slot for additional memory and functionality such as a dictionary/thesaurus, games, and more
* USB cradle allows faster HotSync operations
* Windows and Macintosh compatible--includes desktop software for both platforms

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 Download Palm M500 Series Manual Download Palm M500 Series Manual

Palm M515 Technical Details

# Standard memory: 8 MB with flash upgradeability
# Maximum memory: 72 MB (with optional 64 MB expansion memory card)
# Expansion slot: Compatible with SecureDigital cards and MultiMediaCards (MMCs)
# Display type: Advanced color LCD screen technology for wide-angle, low-light, and bright-light viewing
# Display colors: Over 65,000
# Display size: 160 x 160 pixels
# Display backlight: Yes
# Processor: 33 MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ processor
# Operating system: Palm OS 4.0
# PC compatible: Yes
# Mac compatible: Yes
# PC system requirements: Windows 98, 2000, or Me; USB port; 30 MB hard disk space; CD-ROM drive
# Mac system requirements: Apple Macintosh OS 8.5.1 and above, available USB port, 30 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, 5 MB available RAM
# Handwriting recognition: Yes
# Keyboard: Onscreen
# User controls: Stylus
# Memo pad: Yes
# Address book: Yes
# Scheduler: Yes
# E-mail: Yes
# Web browser: No
# Security: Yes
# Stereo: No
# Built-in speaker: No
# Headset jack: No
# Voice recorder: No
# MP3 playback: No
# Audible content playback: No
# AC adapter included: Yes, via HotSync cradle
# Battery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion
# Batteries included: Yes
# Average battery life: Up to 3 weeks
# Desktop import/export formats: CSV, tab delimited, TXT, vCard, and vCal; direct export to Microsoft Word and Excel
# Serial port: Yes; Macintosh serial adapter sold separately
# USB: Yes
# Infrared: Yes
# Wireless: Yes, via compatible cellular phones using Palm Mobile Connectivity software
# Docking cradle: Native USB cradle with battery charger (120 volts AC, 60 Hz)
# PC cable: No
# Software: CD-ROM with Palm Desktop software for Windows and Macintosh plus Documents To Go 3.0 by DataViz, MGI PhotoSuite Mobile Edition, AvantGo, Pocket Mirror 3.0, Palm Reader, MultiMail SE, and Palm Mobile Connectivity software
# What's in the box: Palm m505, Stylus, USB HotSync cradle, Rechargeable lithium ion battery, Getting Started guide, handbook, Palm Desktop software for Windows and Mac, Palm Mobile Connectivity software
# Width: 3.1 inches
# Height: 4.5 inches
# Depth: 0.5 inches
# Weight: 4.9 ounces

Installation CD not available yet - Try another model

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